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archaic meaning – A woman of great stature, strength and courage, a female warrior.

Throughout the ages, women have used their craft skills to improve their lives and bring their families through times of difficulty.

Whether this be women making crochet lace during the Irish famine, knitting socks for soldiers in the trenches or the many self employed free traders funding their children’s education through craft initiatives.

Betty Virago continues the tradition by using crafts as a way to help women caught in unimaginable situations. We work with charities, churches and social groups to help women improve their situations through the skill of craft.


Whether you buy one of our patterns or craft kits that help pay for future community projects, pay for a place on a workshop that helps fund a workshop place for a woman in need, or join in a community project like the Quilts of Hope. You are a part of the community of Warriors, fighting for a better life for women through crafts.

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