Booby Coozy Pattern Review

I have a new church that I visit religiously, it has two locations, one called Pinterest and the other Ravelry!

Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but it feels like it sometimes.

For those knitters and crocheters that don’t know, Ravelry is the site where all the patterns are, free and paid-for. I’ve been going there for ages now and have a lot of patterns downloaded on my kindle in the belief that one day i will make them.

I’ve promised myself that I will sort them out (I have well over 400) and was looking through them Wednesday when I came across one I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

It’s called the Booby Coozy, made by Keesha Arthur and can be found here (It takes you to another link for the pattern)…

I made one at the knitting group on Wednesday (see calendar on the left side for the knitting groups) and donated it to one of the bar staff who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here’s another one.

booby coozy

The pattern is easy enough, but I made a few alterations which are below.

I used Hayfield bonus chunky yarn, which is a budget acrylic yarn and some scraps of DK for the nipples and bikini.

When making the body the pattern says finish off at round 8. You’ll need more rounds for the coozy to be tall enough, I added 4 more.

When making the nipples I used a 3.5mm hook and made 6 sc (dc in UK) in a magic circle, finished off and pulled closed, I stitched this onto the boobies. That’s up to you, a knot as mentioned in the pattern will give you what we used to call ‘headlights’!

When attaching the bikini, I made the two cup pieces but crocheted my straps.

For bust strap: Ch 40, then join to the first stitch on one edge of the cup, sc across.

continue by sc across second cup edge, then ch 40. FO.

For the Neck strap: Ch 40, join at the top corner of first cup, sc along the middle V of the two cups ending at the top corner of second cup,ch 40, FO,

tie on the bikini.

Any questions, email me.

That is truly one great can cozy, thanks to Keesha for writing the pattern.

One pattern down, still 400+ to go I think.

Do you want your own Booby coozy?

If you want the cozy email your details to me ( with the subject title September giveaway. At the end of the month I’ll pick a name out of the hat and the lucky person can have the cozy plus anything else I giveaway this month.

I won’t keep your details after the draw, or give them out, or add them to any list. I promise.

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