Dr Who bag e-textiles

I’ve finally finished my latest crochet pattern and am chuffed to bits!

I’ve been getting into my e-textiles a lot and last week even bought myself a soldering gun. Hooray.

The pattern is for all those Dr Who fans out there.

It’s a Tardis bag.

The Tardis Bag

Not only is it a bag, but it’s crocheted. It uses back post stitches to create the panel effect of the tardis doors.

It has a lined inside and a strong strap that won’t stretch.

But best of all….

It has a working light on top. Yep, that light you see on the top flashes just like the real tardis.

I keep saying I’ll post some instructions on e-textiles and I will soon (it’s 1am right now so if I try and explain it now I’ll just get sleepy and confusing)

Anyway, the pattern is only £2, I know… but I have to earn a living somehow!

Hope you like it.

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Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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