Which Felting Needle do I use?

Here’s a little problem.

There are so many felting needles out there, and some come in fine, medium and hard sizes rather than gauge sizes. What does it all mean and which one should I buy?

Well, here’s some help.

I have sourced as many felting needles as I could find, each different and some hard to get hold of.

They are now available in my Etsy store at only £1 each (postage £1, no matter how many you buy)

I’ve also made a wee video showing what each needle does so you can make the most from your felting.

Just a reminder, my shop is at



The needles used are:

White – 19 gauge triangular – for coarse, heavy fibres
Orange – 32 gauge triangular – for medium grade fibres
Black – 36 gauge triangular – suits most work
Yellow – 38 gauge crown – for doll making
Blue – 38 gauge star – for faster working
Green – 38 gauge triangular – an all purpose tool
Red – 40 gauge triangular – for fine, delicate work
Brown – 46 gauge triangular – great for 3D work
Pink – 32 gauge reverse – for fur
Purple – 40 gauge reverse – for detailed fur

I’m also doing a trial pack offer of all ten needles for £8. That way, you can experiment at home and choose for yourself.

Hope that solves your felting needle questions.

Published by bettyvirago

Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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