Where do ideas come from? Risk Taking

In the search for ideas for designer makers we looked at risk taking at Uni.

Do I take risks?

Probably not much these days, which is awful.

We tried two techniques for risk taking to come up with ideas.

The Dice game

Make 2 dice and write on each side a word like dots, flowers, glasses.

Also write a list of things – wood, flower, food, crayons…

Roll each dice twice and jot down what you come up with

I got Flowers, Motif, glasses, bright hair

Now go out and find two people that fit the description of the words.





We were lucky, these two were walking into Uni together.

Now take your list of things and ask each person to choose a word from the list



Now using the words you’ve been given make something.

I found this flower on the internet


Image: Unknown, . (2013). . , Whollies Website: http://wholles.com/smiling-white-flower.html.

There’s a good reason why everything has to be done through the computer at the moment… I’ve broken my ankle and am at my mums. I only have my computer with me.

A little bit of Photoshop time and I come up with this…


I’m not too keen on Tie-Dye and my photoshop skills grow slowly.

But then I’ve been meaning to look more at Shibori knitting and this might be the right time.

On the knitting machine I made a square of stocking stitch from British wool, Using a shibori (tie-dye) technique I tied 2p coins in the wool and washed it.

Then I dyed it one colour! Oh No, you can’t tie-dye in one colour…


I’ve already had two people asking for a scarf like this, so I guess that idea was worth it.

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Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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