Bluebells (I think)

My voice is slowly returning, but coughing like crazy.

When it comes to growing things I am utterly useless. I can kill a plant quicker than any weedkiller without even trying so gardening isn’t my thing. My garden is just a square of grass that gets cut by the council. I could plant something, but it wouldn’t grow – not if I’ve got anything to do with it.

But every year a few of these little things sprout up by my front door. Are they bluebells? I think so, but only because I live near some woods that have bluebells in. Well, every year up they come and I’m glad to see them, but I don’t touch them in case I kill them.

Coming in the house this afternoon I decided to kill one! I mean, pick one and bring it indoors to draw.

WP_20150519_001I sketched them in pencil then used my new watercolour markers.

WP_20150519_002Hey, at least I tried.

I used Spectrum Noir markers, the first time I’ve used them and they’re pretty good. You can use them as markers, or as watercolour paint. I used an acrylic block to draw on, then with a wet paintbrush I diluted the ink into paint.

Anyway, next thing is someone is going to tell me these are the protected flowers and I’m going to be fined.

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