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Buy British – British Wool Marketing Board

I bought the odd fleece or two in the past, but it’s been one fleece at a time, just what a hand spinner can manage.

My best buy is the alpaca fleece I bought from someone who had the idea of buying it to dye and make money, but when it came to it she realised it’s a lot of work. She was happy to see it go for £5 and I was very happy to receive it. Unless I go down the machinery route I’ll never need more than one or two fleeces at a time, besides, I don’t have the room in my little flat. However for those who want to buy in bulk, the British Wool Marketing Board (BWMB) is the place to go.

Bags of fleeces stacked high

The wool is sent in by farmers across the country, there are drop off points across the country, and they take all fleeces and no minimum. So even if you only have one sheep it’s worth taking the fleece here to get a good price.

A wool grader sorting the fleece

The fleeces are graded and sorted, then wrapped ready to auction at their fortnightly auction in Bradford.

The huge warehouse

Here’s the video.

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