Daria Pionko Memorial Service – Updated

A short memorial service is going to be held at 2.30pm on Sunday 3rd January 2016. SPRINGWELL ROAD, Leeds. Not Holbeck lane as previously said.

Please come if you can, bring a candle, flowers, something to let the world know she was valuable.

Instead of starting another post about this I’ll just respond to comments and things here:

The police would like me to point out that a memorial service was held on 24th December on Springwell Road, I’m so pleased about that and almost decided not to continue planning the Sunday memorial, but I am still going ahead. I know the majority of us didn’t know Daria and I like to think that this isn’t about knowing someone, It’s about being given the chance to remember a life, to stand in the place of her family and treat her as though she were one of our own.

I’ve also been asked if I have invited the press along. No is the simple answer. For me, this isn’t a press opportunity. Apart from one or two friends who have said they will come with me and Kathryn Fitzsimons, the wonderful vicar who has offered to lead the service I don’t know if anyone else will turn up. I’m prepared to stand alone in the rain, but thankfully a few friends are standing with me.

I was asked whether Yorkshire Evening Post could advertise the service and I said yes, so I’m hoping others who feel they too would like to stand with me will come. Anyone turning up will be welcome, I can’t stop people taking photographs, but hope people accept this as a memorial and respect the reason why we are there. I’m still thinking it’ll be me and a few friends, so feel all this is rather unnecessary.
For those who couldn’t be there, this is the report from the Yorkshire Evening Post.


Thanks to those who turned up, it was very cold and pouring, but perhaps some comfort to those who knew her.

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