My Crochet Friend

This is just a quick post, but for fans of the My Little Crochet Doll patterns, I hope something exciting.

I’ve had several requests for the doll made up, instead of the pattern, so here… At long last… Is the first finished doll.

She is available on my Etsy shop (a link is available from the buy from Betty link)

You may notice some slight differences to this gorgeous beauty and the beauties in the pattern. I’ve used mohair for the hair, it’s a brushable mohair made especially for doll making, I’ve also changed her face and hand painted it rather than using plastic eyes.

She comes with some spare clothing

I’m currently working on updating the original pattern, changing a little mistake I found, adding a few more photos, explaining things where people have had difficulties. I’m hoping to also add some advanced techniques like painting the faces and the secret to getting the neck nice and firm.

If you’ve bought the pattern from Ravelry you will be send a message letting you know when the updated pattern is available, I’m looking into a way I can do the same for Etsy customers, but don’t worry, if you have bought the pattern in the past I will make sure you can get the updated pattern when it is finished.

In the meantime though, if there is any part of the pattern you found difficult, or anything you want me to make clearer in the new version let me know.

There are new outfits coming soon (suggestions for future outfits always welcome) and some other possibilities that I can’t yet mention (but very exciting if it works!!!)

If you’ve made a crochet doll from the pattern I would love hearing from you and seeing photos, it’ll help me see where I need to focus on the pattern, but seeing the dolls would make my day.

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Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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  1. Hi Joy. I started off by looking at this lovely creation on a Facebook Group we both belong to & somehow from there I found your blog. I have been reading a few of your posts & been tremendously impressed/inspired. We have much in common! I live in New Zealand & belong to the Tauranga Salvation Army Corps. Your writing is an inspiration! You are obviously so very talented also, in the area of needle crafts. I clicked on your facebook icon thinking I could follow you there, but kept drawing blanks. So, here I comment, in the hope that you will see & be encouraged via this medium. Kind regards, Bronwyn

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