The Progress of Plodding on – EPY week 5

I sat down to write my now regular post about the EPY week, for about 30 minutes I’ve sat here thinking, what happened this week?

Bank Holiday weekend was awful, as usual, we had constant downpours and the strange hot but rainy weather that often leaves me with a migraine, and what a migraine, by Monday I was fed up of it all. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t have any plans for the bank holiday, but I felt it was a weekend wasted. There is just something downright unfortunate about being ill on your day off, so to make up for it I took Tuesday off but more of a recuperation day rather than a fun day.

Wednesday I went into the EPY office and went to the first group meeting. I remember being asked about the cost of a doll and kicking myself for not being more confident in stating the price, but on the whole the day went by largely uneventful and perhaps I was still getting over the three day migraine (honestly, it was the worst one I’ve had in a very long time).

Wednesday evening I got home to a letter from my housing office informing me that I owed so much rent that I had 7 days to pay or I was going to court. So Thursday I spent the day gathering evidence and making phone calls and eventually a trip to the housing office to find out that a mistake had been made and I’m not going to be faced with eviction after all.

Friday I went to Harrogate for the Great Northern Quilting show, I’m calling it a ‘research’day rather than a fun day out. Honestly, I was researching craft kits!

Well, the week ended with fun at least.

So here I am, sitting here thinking of something useful or interesting to say… 


But then I realised that there are still little excitements to share.

A couple of long awaited packages to put some craft kits together arrived. Lots of little online changes to websites that are finally starting to give me an online presence I’m a bit happier about. Several conversations with a supplier that finally tracked down the exact buttons I want and have been trying to find for months.

There hasn’t been any huge eureka moments this week, no leaving the office feeling my life changing before my eyes, but maybe this is what having your own business (or even a happy life) is about. The daily plodding on that eventually leads to a business connection you’ve been after. The final email of a week long conversation that finally seals the deal. 

People talk about the light at the end of the tunnel and that light should arrive on Wednesday (Monday and Tuesday I’m in London) This proverbial light is the butt of jokes, the description of the afterlife and the hope of many. Yet, little is said about the journey to the light, the long road to the eventual conclusion.

Well, this post is beginning to sound like a sermon so I’ll say what they say at church.

In conclusion…

What I’ve learnt this week is that running a business isn’t always a continual celebration of enormous achievements. The most biggest acheivements this week have come from the long constant plod through the dark tunnel, and in business, as in life. I need to enjoy the darkness, the everyday and the long steady plod a lot more than I do.


Published by bettyvirago

Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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