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I was so glad that I managed to get to Hobbycraft the day before they closed. I’m also grateful I have quite a large stash of supplies that I think I’ll have enough to do if I’m stuck indoors for a couple years!

For those not as fortunate to have a craft stash or those who are fed up of Netflix and want to make something, here are five amazing and FREE things to make that just need to be printed from the internet. (Scissor, glue, sellotape and coloring in materials also needed!)

1. Gingerbread House Tree Decoration

Illustrator and designer, Ayelet Keshet, produces colouring pages to inspire girls to be heros. Amongst the various printables on her website is this colouring in template for a Gingerbread House. Print off several and colour them in ready for when we’re finally allowed to leave. You could even make enough of them to decorate the whole neighbourhood with gingerbread houses.

Make DIY gingerbread house ornament with this free printable gingerbread house template coloring page. #gingerbreadhouse #freeprintables #printable #Christmascraft #Ayelet_Keshet

Download the file here:

2. Paper City Paris

Joel is a toy designer from Portland, USA. His blog, Made by Joel is packed full of interesting toys he has designed and made including a series of printable cities and playscenes.

Even though you can’t physically travel to Paris at the moment you can play make believe that you’re there with this free printable kit. There’s also a travel sized Paris small enough to fit into an Altoid tin and if when you’re bored of Paris (Can you be bored of Paris? I think not!) there’s other places to play with including Camping, Nativity, Sydney, Aladin, Dinosaurs and many more.

Check out the blog here:

3. Laura Ingalls World

Once you’ve been to Paris and Sydney through Joels playsets what better than to take your next paper journey through time, back to the world of the Little House on the Prairie?

Paper Prairie Art is a website full of downloadable sculptures from the TV show of American pioneering family the Ingalls. These little playscenes are like miniature works of art but there’s a good mixture of easy and advanced sets. There’s also colouring pages for when you’ve made your village and want more of the wholesome family goodness.

Find the Ingalls here:

4. Colour in Paper Dolls

There are many free paper doll pages on the website, but by far my favourite is from watercolour artist and fashion illustrator, Lacee Swan.

I love the ability to colour in your own clothing and the variety of outfits is a great way to inspire future fashion designers.

You can’t print off the templates immediately, but add your email address to the website and Lacee will send you the file to download.

Find the webpage you need here:

5. Printable Bible World

Martin Didier is a children’s book illustrator who has created the most amazing Bible story world on his website, My Little House.

These paper play scenes are amazingly detailed and will allow you to recreate many of the bible stories you grew up with.

There are free printables for a biblical times village including an inn with courtyard, a nativity scene and Easter scene.

Once you’ve enjoyed the free scenes there are also buyable scenes of Sci-fi, medievil, dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt and Rome, More Biblical scenes, the story of Moses and many more.

Start your journey into Martins paper world here:

Well, I hope that has got you inspired to make something, and if you haven’t got a printer save the downloads and get an online print shop to print them for you (I use Doxzoo!).

I’d love to see pictures of any paper makes you’ve made, especially from items not listed here.

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