Then how much more?

Following on from the Boundless Salvation quilt I decided to make a second one based on one of dads favourite hymns.

This time the song chosen is by Gowans and Larsson. There’s a short piece about the song on the Oshawa Salvation Army corps blog which you can read here:

The words and YouTube video of the song are here:

Then How much more?

If human hearts are often tender,
And human minds can pity know,
If human love is touched with splendor,
And human hands compassion show,

Then how much more shall God our Father
In love forgive, in love forgive!
Then how much more shall God our Father
Our wants supply, and none deny!

If sometimes men can live for others,
And sometimes give where gifts are spurned,
If sometimes treat their foes as brothers,
And love where love is not returned,

If men will often share their gladness,
If men respond when children cry,
If men can feel each other’s sadness,
Each other’s tears attempt to dry,

We’re in a world where it’s easy to be stuck indoors and hide away, but also a world where we’re seeing daily human compassion on a level I’ve never seen.

People have been dropping their contact details through local strangers doors to make sure they can get help if they need it. when the call for NHS volunteers went out so many people came forward that the system had to stop to catch up with offers.

and of course we all know of Captain Tom who raised millions for the continuing work of the NHS even though no one would grumble if he had just sat in front of the TV at 90 years of age and allowed everyone to come to his aid.

Even the sound of clapping, pans banging and fireworks across country just to let those who are risking their lives by continuing to work that their hard work is not forgotten.

It’s times like this that you feel proud of your fellow man, but then I remember this song and the words, Then, how much more?

As much as we do in these difficult times, How much more, shall God?

And then you remember the sacrifice paid by so many NHS workers, the number of bus drivers in London who have died, and the risks by people who not too long ago were called low-skilled workers, who are now our most valuable assets. Then how much more, shall God?

It’s incredible, that as wonderful humans beings can be, How much more, is God.

So with that in mind, I painted the first image for the quilt.

How much more, shall God our Father, in love forgive?

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Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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