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I’ve two little people who have recently entered my life, one is my nephews baby, which was a wonderful gift during lockdown after loosing my parents last year.

The other is the daughter of a friend who has been visiting me throughout lockdown. As a doll maker and doll collector I’ve quickly had to seperate dolls she can play with and dolls she can’t and now have a dedicated box in the living room with toys waiting for my 3-year old visitor.

It’s actually done wonders for me and admit I could listen to her play with the dolls and make up her little stories all day long. I’m currently waiting for a plastic tea set to arrive and am looking forward to my first cup of pretend tea.

It has also left me looking at how we tell stories to children and a new crochet pattern, Jesus – the finger puppet.

You can already buy Jesus dolls and I admit I thought they were a bit strange and the thought of a child taking a Cloth Jesus doll to bed with them made me a little uncomfortable.

Jesus Doll and Picture Bible SetSoft Cloth Handmade 18 inch image 0

Above is just one of several Jesus dolls you can buy from Etsy.

But with little ones in my life it has made me think about how we tell stories from the bible to children.

At the same time I was looking at making some finger puppets for my nephews little one, for when he’s old enough to like a good story and thought, why not make a Jesus finger puppet, so I did.

Jesus finger puppet

Then I thought, really, you can’t just have Jesus on his own, you need a cast of characters to tell a story…

And that’s how the idea of Bible story finger puppets came about.

The first story is based on the loaves and fishes, or the feeding of the 5,000, or the little boy who gave away his lunch. However you tell the story you can now have finger puppets to help you.

Loaves and fishes

At the moment, only the pattern is ready to buy, but I hope to have some finished story sets made soon.

I also plan on starting another story this week… Adam and Eve.

The pattern is available on Ravelry and on Etsy (link below)

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Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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