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My first finger puppet set is finished, the pattern is written and on Ravelry and Etsy and a complete set is ready to go on sale on Etsy.

The set is almost everything you need to tell the story of the feeding of the 5000… yep, I say almost because I’m not about to make 5000 men (plus women and children) and enough crochet fish and bread to feed them all. Some things will have to be left for your imagination.

It’s an interesting story, a crowd of 5000 men and their wives and kids followed Jesus until he stopped and spoke to them.

It was a long sermon I suppose because it was lunchtime by the time he finished (pretty much like most Sundays).

Everyone was getting hungry and Jesus asked about feeding them.

Finger puppet disciple

Now, apparently this wasn’t the first time this situation had happened, the Bible has another telling where there were 4000 fed.

I don’t know why the disciples didn’t just look at Jesus and ask him to just produce the food like last time, but they didn’t.

Instead they found a boy with his lunch, five loaves and two little fish.

Boy with his packed lunch

So the boy gave them his lunch.

Now, I don’t know how that happened, did he offer the lunch? Was he earwigging and hear they needed food? How did they know he had food… and that he alone had food?

I once read a commentary on this story and the suggestion was made that it wasn’t a miracle where Jesus created food. Rather the crowd all had lunch, but were keeping their food for themselves.

When the crowd saw the willingness of the boy to give what he had they decided to go in their own pockets and pull out their own lunches and add them to the basket. That’s how they all had enough, no miracle, just people admitting they had what was needed all along.

But that left me thinking, if everyone ate bread and fish, and the commenter was right, then 5000 people decided that lunch for that day would be fish and bread.

Not one fellow woke up that morning, turned to his wife and said, “my dear, I fancy chicken for lunch”.

Not one wife, slipped in a slice of cake or a piece of fruit.

The thought of 5000 men all deciding that today they’d have a fish sandwich for lunch is more of a miracle.

And then, where did the baskets come from?

Did people just turn up with empty baskets waiting to be filled?

Basket with bread and fish

Or did they miraculously appear as well?

Anyway, how ever it happened, a boy offered what he had and Jesus used it to help thousands.

Lots of fish

Whether the story is about miracles, or giving what little you have or that we can feed the world if we all share, it’s a story worth telling.

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