Hospital Drawing

I’m currently in hospital with this dreaded covid. Thankfully I brought my travel drawing supplies and iPad, so I’m ok.

At first I decided to just draw anything, which is not how I work, I like to have in mind what to draw, but one of the side effects of this thing I’m finding is my mind is a bit foggy.

It was really difficult, I spent quite a bit of time not even drawing a straight line, then I started to draw insects, cute bumblebees, but found a very thin line between cute and disturbing when I tried to put a stinger on my bee and well… not good and to be frank he looked rather sleazy. The more I tried to make it look like a stinger the more it looked like something else. I share it with you for the laughter but even the cute face turns a little sinister. Oh dear me, no!

Then I started drawing mice, then elements, just trees in a style of drawing I’m starting to really like. My thinking was maybe I can develop a little library of motifs I can just use between a series of drawing

One thing I didn’t want to do is pull up a load of Pinterest images and start looking at mice and what they looked like and in the end I came up with a little sketch I liked.

I quite liked that, and continued with my little watercolour kit to paint it in…

Finally I took it into Procreate and worked on it in there. They’ve just updated Procreate with a few little features and one makes saving your favourite brushes so much easier to do.

Anyway, after hours of working on it, it’s finished.

I really like it, don’t yet know what to do with it but I feel like I’m finding my style which is a good place to be. It reminds me of the usborne books from my childhood full of animals in clothes going about their normal business.

I also started singing the song about the mouse in a windmill, so next I want to look at Amsterdam and how a mouse in a windmill in Amsterdam might look.

Published by bettyvirago

Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

10 thoughts on “Hospital Drawing

    1. Thanks, I read it, your dad sounds like a great man with a great sense of humour. I think every hospital ward has people like the couple opposite. At the moment there’s no visitors allowed in hospital, so it’s just the patients.


  1. Hi Betty, I really liked your Procreate illustrations and your style is amazing! I have a little question: when drawing animal cartoons, how do you draw eyes? Look forward to seeing more posts!
    All the best, Katherine.
    P.S. Get well soon!


    1. To be honest, I just draw them in with little thought. If I overthink the eyes I get in a mess. I like the drawing style of Lisa Glanz though and she has some great little YouTube videos that might show you how she does it.


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