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The line between sacred and sinful

Have you seen my crocheted Bible story finger puppets?

Pattern and puppet available on Etsy

He’s one of several Bible characters I’ve written patterns for so that people can tell Bible stories to kids, and in turn kids can start to tell the stories themselves.

Today I posted another crochet pattern onto a Facebook group, it’s not my pattern, but one that is freely available on the internet.

Not tasteful?

According to a couple of comments I’m toe expect some backlash.

So I have to ask, where is the line drawn between what is tasteful and what is not?

Several years ago I visited Warrington Salvation Army who spent almost a year producing the knitted bible exhibition, it has scenes from various Bible stories including the crucifixion. Here’s a reminder of the video…

Is it inoffensive because it’s cute?

Is there a line? Should there be a line?

And just to show these questions are not limited to textiles, I nicked this image from a friends Facebook page of a scene from the Easter Sunday displays.

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