Free Little Duck Pattern

This is just a little post to mention a new little pattern I’ve been writing.

I decided to make a little duck for my little dolls and tried out a new yarn I bought, Scheepjes Catona 3-ply crochet cotton.

I don’t usually work with cotton, but noticed a lot of crocheters use it, so thought I’d give it a try and liked it, though I made a tiny doll with it and found I preferred wool for dolls.

The pattern is free and you can download it right here:

I also made a youtube video of the process of making the pattern. I’m not a genius at video making, and since I had a few nasty comments about me talking too much in previous videos I am reluctant to speak, but I hope you enjoy it. It’s also in 4 parts because it’s a bit long.

The video link is here

Published by bettyvirago

Betty Virago is an award winning textile designer. Based in Yorkshire, England, and known for her Northern Folk dolls and the Quilts of Hope project.

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