Betty Virago is an award winning craftswoman who specialises in traditional wool techniques.

Her Northern Folk dolls are hand-made using natural materials, sourced from small, local suppliers. Each doll celebrates the local folk of Yorkshire and hint at a life that, if we’re not careful, could one day disappear from our lives.

A recent graduate from Huddersfield university with a BA(hons) in textile crafts and art, Betty has won awards from Bradford Textile Society and the Worshipful Company of Woolmen.

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A Question of Blessing

It’s been a while since I mentioned the quilts of hope project, it had to be put on a back burner while I finished my degree. But it was something that I was so passionate about I knew I’d return to it at some point. Well, for those who are new to the blog and … Continue reading A Question of Blessing

10 reasons to use Betty’s Doll Wool for Doll Makers

All in all, small family run craftspeople are benefitting throughout the whole process. No fat-cats, visas or passports needed in this small and locally sourced yarn.

Then from my little dye kitchen to your front door, which is probably the longest journey it’ll take.

Inspirational Yarn – Betty’s Doll Wool

It’s the only wool of its kind in the world (I searched high and low but perhaps there’s another wool out there) which is made especially for doll making, produced fully in the UK (and apart from the sheep themselves) is produced in Yorkshire.

Inspirational Yarn – Viola

It seems shocking in both the US and the UK, where so many have so much, where we have laws preventing cruelty to animals and where activists will break the law to stop mistreatment of animals that we have so many children going hungry and yet I’ve still to see an activist breaking the law to feed a child.

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