Beetle Felt – Course Review

So, following on from recent disappointments I signed up for a one-day course at Beetle Felt in Manchester.

This is actually my third workshop here and I’ve many more planned.

It’s a small place, run in the back garden of their home, but in a purpose built room and a lovely garden created for natural dyeing.

There is also a wider variety of workshops than I realised and new stuff constantly being offered.

I’ve done 2 felt workshops elsewhere, the first left me wondering what had just happened and the little piece of felt I came home with went in the bin.

Every workshop I’ve done at Beetle felt left me confident I could have a go at home. The first course I did was designer yarns, advanced spinning techniques. I went with a list of things I wanted to learn and the list was filled with more besides.

I’ve also done two wet felting courses, and came home today confident enough to have a go on my own.

Some thoughts come to mind…

Nice, value for money, friendly, easy to get to, go at your own pace, know what they’re talking about, Nice (needed to be said twice), relaxed pace.

The website link is below, check them out.

Hasilkan Uang Dari Sabung Ayam


Booby Coozy Pattern Review

I have a new church that I visit religiously, it has two locations, one called Pinterest and the other Ravelry!

Okay, so that’s not entirely true, but it feels like it sometimes.

For those knitters and crocheters that don’t know, Ravelry is the site where all the patterns are, free and paid-for. I’ve been going there for ages now and have a lot of patterns downloaded on my kindle in the belief that one day i will make them.

I’ve promised myself that I will sort them out (I have well over 400) and was looking through them Wednesday when I came across one I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

It’s called the Booby Coozy, made by Keesha Arthur and can be found here (It takes you to another link for the pattern)…

I made one at the knitting group on Wednesday (see calendar on the left side for the knitting groups) and donated it to one of the bar staff who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here’s another one.

booby coozy

The pattern is easy enough, but I made a few alterations which are below.

I used Hayfield bonus chunky yarn, which is a budget acrylic yarn and some scraps of DK for the nipples and bikini.

When making the body the pattern says finish off at round 8. You’ll need more rounds for the coozy to be tall enough, I added 4 more.

When making the nipples I used a 3.5mm hook and made 6 sc (dc in UK) in a magic circle, finished off and pulled closed, I stitched this onto the boobies. That’s up to you, a knot as mentioned in the pattern will give you what we used to call ‘headlights’!

When attaching the bikini, I made the two cup pieces but crocheted my straps.

For bust strap: Ch 40, then join to the first stitch on one edge of the cup, sc across.

continue by sc across second cup edge, then ch 40. FO.

For the Neck strap: Ch 40, join at the top corner of first cup, sc along the middle V of the two cups ending at the top corner of second cup,ch 40, FO,

tie on the bikini.

Any questions, email me.

That is truly one great can cozy, thanks to Keesha for writing the pattern.

One pattern down, still 400+ to go I think.

Do you want your own Booby coozy?

If you want the cozy email your details to me ( with the subject title September giveaway. At the end of the month I’ll pick a name out of the hat and the lucky person can have the cozy plus anything else I giveaway this month.

I won’t keep your details after the draw, or give them out, or add them to any list. I promise.

Did I do that?

A few days ago I sat down with some polymer clay and started making something.

Several hours later I found this on my work desk…


My clay making is OK, I used to do loads but stopped a while back to do some other stuff. I had been making clay jewellery, which never sells, and I was starting to feel uninspired. I also burnt a few things in the new clay oven I got for Christmas so decided to stay away from it.

Anyway, this little man was on my desk.

I made him, I MADE HIM!!!!

I’ve never heard anyone say this before, but I wonder. Is there a point in an artists life when they are so impressed with what was made that they don’t quite believe it?

This morning I decided to have another go with the clay. Eight hours later I found this…

Vivien the WitchI’m going to have to lie down for a while.

I’ve been going through a strange time recently. So many crafts to learn, so little time.

There’s a long list in my head of things I want to learn, nuno felting, felt hats, Waldorf dolls, bobbin lace…

Not forgetting the drawing and painting I wouldn’t mind having a go at.

I recently got my teaching qualification, and am doing some workshops at Inkwell, all great. I’ve done many weeks now of felt doll making, and my mind is thinking what to do next. I feel like I’m constantly looking for the next craft. I don’t have a business card because I don’t know what to call myself.

I’m a Jack of all trades, Master of none. My home i filled to the brim of craft stuff I want to start, unfinished and untried stuff. I have a list as long as my arm of courses I want to do.

I tried to make a Waldorf doll the other day, it was a disaster. I’m not very good with a sewing machine, prefer sewing by hand. I panic, worried what would happen if I died not knowing how to do this skill.

And then, I made Vivien.

I’m sitting here, thinking I could be good at this, really good. I could persevere with the Waldorf thing, do an okay job and I’d probably think, yeah I made that, what’s next. Or I could accept that I might not know everything. There’s some aisles in Hobby craft I won’t go down because I’m aiming to be a master of something.

I’ll not stick at one skill, I love my spinning wheel and my crochet hooks far too much, but maybe it’s OK to have a few things that you’re great at rather than many that you do fine in.

Free Pattern, Pepper Pot Doll raincoat

What a busy but great day.

The Pepper pot doll pattern is finished and on Etsy.

One problem I’ve had is not having a scanner. Every time I draw something I have to take it all the way to Inkwell or a local stationary shop (who seem to charge a lot for the service) but perhaps I’ve found a solution.

I found an app for my phone, an HD scanner. Skeptic me thinks how on earth can my phone camera work as a scanner? How will it know the size of my documents?Pepper pot raincoat

I downloaded two apps, Handyscan (free) which turns out is only free to scan, you have to pay $2.99 to get the pictures after they’ve been scanned. The second one HD Scanner cost around the same but at least they were up front about the cost. It’s very simple, didn’t need instructions and has a choice of ways to access the documents.

Anyway, techie talk over.

It does mean that I can get this out today…

Pepper pot doll Raincoat

I’ve not attached a pdf file before so hopefully it works. If it doesn’t email me and I’ll send it to you till I fix the problem.

Hope you enjoy it.


Pepperpot Dolls

Pepperpot DollsI am about a week away from finishing the pepperpot doll pattern and am just so excited about it.

The pepperpot dolls is inspired by Gingermelon and the girls from my felt sewing class.

They’re 6 inches tall (the size of a pepperpot!) and have a variety of styles to make each doll just as you want it.

Change the hair style, dress/trouser length, shoe styles and more variety coming soon.

I’ll be posting new pattern ideas, hair styles, clothing, individuality ideas here on the blog for free…

Plus, a wardrobe for the doll is already available on the Etsy shop

What's coming
What’s coming

AND… Additional patterns will be available on Etsy. Turn your dolls into your favourite animals… build a house. Opps!! The house is a BIG SECRET!

Say What? Badges

I finally got my stuff together enough to start the blog… Hurrah!!!
So here’s the first of hopefully many free makes.

Say What badges.

Really the most important things you need are the polymer clay, brooch pins, pen and oven (and something to put them on in the oven)

What you need
What you need

Next you cut them into shape, I used a rose cutter that had a pointed bit because I didn’t have a circle shape the right size.

Say What? 2

Work the clay into  speech bubble, if you’re really good you might be able to make thought bubbles as well.

Say What? 3

You need a thin piece of clay to stick the pin onto the clay.

Say What? 4

Secure the clay square so it joins the two bits of clay together. In the oven they will set to each other so you don’t need to use glue.

Say What? 5

The clay I used was from Hobbycraft. It’s the cheapest clay (their own brand) and only £1 for a block but I got 13 out of that one block. It’s a bit sticky when worked for a long time, but for this project it works well.

Say What? 6

And here’s the final product. Put anything you want on the badge or sell them blank so people can write their own message.

Say What?

Hope you enjoyed that little crafty bit.

Find me on Etsy (Betty Virago) and see the wonderful things I have for sale, like my page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter or Pinterest or keep che

cking back to see what other makey makes I have.

English: Logo for the UK business Hobbycraft
English: Logo for the UK business Hobbycraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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