Hospital Drawing

I’m currently in hospital with this dreaded covid. Thankfully I brought my travel drawing supplies and iPad, so I’m ok. At first I decided to just draw anything, which is not how I work, I like to have in mind what to draw, but one of the side effects of this thing I’m finding isContinue reading “Hospital Drawing”

A Continuous Line

I’ve been setting myself the goal of completing the weekly spoonflower challenge. The challenge for the 10th December is to create a pattern with a continuous line. I’d already created a pattern like this… Unfortunately each challenge has to be a brand new design, I added a few more faces, this time women’s faces, thenContinue reading “A Continuous Line”

Bouquet of roses

Because I can’t send physical flowers to those who need them, here’s some I painted.

The shop with no stock

For the past few months I’ve been exploring a different way of selling, print on demand.

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