Free Little Duck Pattern

I decided to make a little duck for my little dolls and tried out a new yarn I bought,

Sindy’s Beach Set

A free Sindy Beach outfit for the August bank holiday weekend.

I See You

A free bible journaling bookmark to download, based on Genesis 16:17
You are the God who sees me

Small, Smaller, Smallest (Painting Kits)

How small can I make my watercolour kit?
Can I paint with just three tiny items?

Cycle Indicator Gloves

These gloves are normal cycling gloves, but they have electronics sewn into them which add a blinking Indicator light to the gloves.
Using a kit from #kitronik here’s how to make them.

Covid-19 Craft Hacks

As it turned out, the vital tools for survival aren’t machetes, but sewing machines.
Here’s my favourite tutorials to get us through Covid-19

Blythe/Sindy Sweater top pattern review

That new Ken is coming round and Sindy needs something new to wear!

Motivational Mini Sketchbook

This little box sends that message, that the end goal comes from tiny steps, and what better way to show that message than with a tiny sketchbook.

Fabric Painting

I am sure many of you are a bit nervous about dyeing your own cotton, so I made a little video to show you how I did it.

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