I don’t get to sculpt whilst I’m at University, but these are some creations prior to studying.

Clay Woven Bowl
Polymer Clay Frog
Polymer clay Octopus
Hand sculpted fairy
A series of sculpted miniatures for Arts & Minds Light Night exhibition
The process of hand sculpting
Sculpted witch
Look what he found!


bvps0036 bvps0042 WP_20140208_007

Needle Felting

I’ve taught needle felting to several groups of people including children and registered blind individuals.

The beauty of painting this way and being registered blind is that you can feel the picture you’re making. Working with people with different abilities is a fantastic way of pushing the boundaries of your craft and teaching skills.

060414_crafts_02 06041407 DSC00090 DSC00093 DSC00364 WP_20140819_003

Knitted Armour

I wanted to create a sense of Armour into my knitting.

I visited the Leeds Armouries and took photos and sketches of the armour.

I came up with an idea of putting chain maille into my knitting. I used a Sirdar yarn that had a sheen to it that imitated blackened armour and worked in garter stitch.


One piece of armour that I liked had a prominent chevron pattern, others had rope work. Taking both these ideas I developed this simple but effective pattern and tried several colours.


I also liked the idea of shoulder plating, so using the Sirdar yarn I crocheted this dragon scale piece for a shoulder piece.


The finished piece

Bradford Textile Society Competition 2015

I came second in the K2 category in 2015.

This was my entry,

Doc 08-03-2015 07-33 PM1 Slide1 WP_20150216_001 WP_20150216_002 WP_20150309_001 WP_20150309_009

Creating through Play

Creating through the simple act of play can bring out many new creations.

Taking a simple square of woven cloth and sitting in silence with just the tools I carry in my bag, what can I come up with.WP_20150328_001

Something interesting comes when you carry a crochet hook everywhere!


Using a similar idea whilst sitting at the knitting machine I came up with this use for a simple rectangle of tuck stitches.


With no pattern, using yarn and a washing line, I made this totally useless vase, but thankfully, it still has a few surprise moves.


WP_20150328_016 WP_20150328_017 WP_20150328_018 WP_20150328_019 WP_20150328_020




Handmade dolls

These are a selection of handmade dolls, not included in the little crochet doll page.

A lot of the dolls I make are small one of a kind creations. Although the doll itself is a written pattern, the clothing is always made without writing the patterns down. This way, no two dolls are truly alike.

A Mini Spirit doll

These dolls and animals were felt designs I created. The doll has an additional wardrobe for her clothing.

What's coming

Some of these dolls are so small that I have to work in micro crochet, this dolls shoes are 1cm in length. The doll is jointed at the arms and neck and the legs and arms are bendable.


But even at 1cm, the details are still as important, I’ve found card making buttons small enough to fit.


For me, making dolls is all about the enjoyment of the owner. Dolls should be more than fashion models, they should be something the child (or adult) can take everywhere. Dolls for little girls is an important concept, a doll should look like a doll.


One thing I wasn’t keen on was the eyes, so I’ve begun experimenting on painting eyes directly onto the faces.


Another idea I played with is adding a heart to the doll.


I’ve started playing with dolls of other materials, these large dolls have very detailed faces but are quite large, I’m not too keen on large dolls.


I’m currently working on traditional Waldorf style dolls. These dolls are stuffed with wool which gives warmth to the child and takes on the scents familiar to the child. Traditionally the dolls have minimal detail in the faces, but I’m doing some experiments with how much detail I want to add and the size I’m comfortable with.


Computer Aided Design

Below is a series of designs, mostly repeatable, created by computer.

  1. Simple sketches taken from my sketchbook.

Untitled-1 copy

2. Adding more sketches


simple sketches

Adding colour


Looking good

Working on the edges

Now for the edges

Repeats without edges finished

Untitled-6 Final pattern

Final pattern repeated


More of my CAD design work…

Repeatable Knitted sample
Repeatable Knitted sample

My Little Crochet Doll

The My little crochet doll series has been an on-going project since 2012.

I wrote a crochet pattern for the doll which is available for sale on Ravelry and Etsy, the aim of the doll is to have one paid for pattern, and several outfits for free. Free patterns are available on this blog and on Ravelry.

The original pattern was designed to grow with the child, having no additional hair whilst the child is young and the possibility of adding hair at a later date.

The body has two designs, one simple pattern and one more shapely. The doll has knee and elbow joints which help to position the doll.

Attention to detail is important, each doll is designed with underwear, and clothes with workable hoods and pockets.

My little crochet doll original

The Mermaid pattern works as an elasticated waist fishtail, it also adds instructions for working with polymer clay to make the seashell bra.

My little crochet doll mermaid

The Sunday Best outfit is a Victorian style outfit with cameo brooch, high necked collar and pantaloons.

My Little Crochet Doll Sunday Best

The Cowboy outfit allows the doll to be both a male and female doll.

My Little Crochet Doll Cowboy

The Gorjuss pattern is based on the popular character, she also comes with a purple overcoat, hat and boots.

My Little Crochet Doll Gorguss

The Bedtime outfits comes with lace nightgown, nightcap and dressing gown

My Little Crochet Doll Bedtime

The Ballerina doll is one of the more popular outfits (along with the mermaid)

My Little Crochet Doll Ballerina

The Spaceman outfit added another extra craft, E-textiles. His front panel lights up and has a simple on/off switch.

My little crochet doll spaceman