Dent knitter heritage doll


We’ve called her Betty after Betty Yewdale, a young girl who tells the tale of being sent to a knitting school to learn her trade and perhaps gave the knitters of Dent the nickname ‘the terrible knitters of Dent’.

The doll is 15” tall with joints in her legs and arms making her slightly poseable.

Betty is made from 100% British Chevin wool produced and hand dyed in Yorkshire.

she is firmly filled with British lambswool.

she comes with a traditional working Yorkshire woman’s costume. A white blouse, brown skirt, socks, underwear and shoes all crocheted in a locally produced British wool and Alpaca blend. Her shawl is hand knitted in hand dyed British Chevin wool.

she has a miniature leather belt made from leather rescued from local manufacturers landfill additions and has a hand carved wooden knitting sheath tucked into the belt.

she’s knitting on 1.5mm double pointed needles, as a traditional knitter would have done and is halfway through a traditional Dent glove.

her face and hair are needle felted in merino wool.

These award winning heritage dolls were made to represent the working class folk of Yorkshire and are one of a kind dolls, making each one a wonderful piece to add to any doll collection.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 7 cm


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