Expect God, Blessing card


Be brave. Be Strong. Don’t give up. Expect God

Psalm 31:24 msg


The phrase “Expect God” came as I was reading Psalm 31, the last verse from the message bible says Be brave, Be strong, Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon.
It hit me that often we pray asking God to turn up, as though we’re asking someone not close to us to come to a party, “Will you come?”.
But the word Expect, is like my mother when I first left home. “I will expect you at church on Sunday”. Though my mum would have said it as a command, it’s less a request to a stranger but a demand of a best friend. I expect my friend will be there.

The card is printed on 300gsm card stock and comes with a white envelope. It is sealed in a cellophane wrap to keep it clean until you are ready to use.


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