Pocket Heritage Cloth Doll


16cm doll with complete outfit and comes in a gift box.


Tiny little treasures that can fit in your pocket or the doll house.

Each doll is made unique through hand stitches finishing techniques.

The patterns for the dolls are mostly by Canadian Etsy seller Elissa from Create Joy Make Stuff. But I also use patterns and tips from Ann Wood Handmade’s Tiny Rag Doll pattern and a few ideas from my own decades of doll making (wow, decades, that makes me feel old!)

The dolls are approximately 16cm tall around the size of a 1:12th doll and come in a lovely little gift box, so perfect for giving to someone special.

This doll has a cotton body with brown lace up boots (with little red laces). She doesn’t have a tiny heart embroidered on her chest but I can add one if this is something you want and her hair is wool with a little plait.

She comes with a set of clothes which can be worn all together or as separate pieces.

Her undergarments are a light blue soft cotton pantaloons, camisole top and underskirt with lace trim. They can be worn together as a co-ordinating outfit or as nightwear.

Her dress is a pretty flowery blue dress with a blue flower button on the front as decoration. It has a press stud closure on the back.

she also comes with a crochet hat and basket style bag.

As with all my items, the price includes free UK postage.

Please note.

Where possible the materials I use in these dolls are ‘rescued’. The hair comes from local (Yorkshire) woollen mills some of the cotton and stuffing might have come from off-cuts. They are heritage dolls, reminders of our Northern working class roots. Because of this, these dolls cannot be sold as dolls for children’s play. They cannot qualify for CE certification, although every care has been taken to make the dolls, they are not toys.



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