Quilts of Hope

The Joanna Project quilt

The Quilts of Hope project brings communities together to make quilts filled with hope and love for vulnerable people.

Our last quilt was donated to the Joanna Project, which supports women caught up in prostitution. It’s hoped that, at a woman’s most desperate need the quilt is there as a comfort and reminder that they are loved.

The Quilt of Hope made for the women at Joanna Project to use is such a beautiful gesture of love and respect. We often have women come to our drop-in who are homeless and because they feel safe here, will snuggle up in our quiet room for a good long sleep. Having the Quilt of Hope with all its positive messages and prayers is really special and demonstrates to the women that they are loved and that others have hope for their future when they might not able to at this moment. 

Fiona Grundy, The Joanna Project
The Human Trafficking quilt

How you can help us

Invite us to a Quilt Gathering

Making quilts is best done with friends, so we need community groups, churches and women’s groups to welcome us to their venues for a quilt gathering.

We’ll bring a quilt on a frame for folk to sit around and sew (and sing a few songs like folk used to do). We’ll also bring fabric and threads to start making squares for future quilts, and we’ll teach you the basics of quilt making.

It’s a fun experience, you don’t need to be crafty or have sewing experience, we’ll even thread the needle for you!

It’s also a great activity to invite new people to, maybe you could put the kettle on and bring a few cakes too and make this an event to welcome new friends to your group.

We’d love to come and share our love of quilting and our story with your group, so if you’re interested, please get in touch.

Support us financially

The materials for one quilt can cost around £80, which isn’t an earth shattering amount, but taking the quilt to events, keeping websites going and well it all adds up.

But we don’t like asking for money without giving something in return, so we have a little shop on Etsy, with quilting and crafting goodies that all help support the project (and a few other little things we get up to which support local vulnerable women).

Human Trafficking quilt

How we can help you!

Maybe you know a project that would benefit from one of our quilts.

We are always looking for projects that help vulnerable people and have a safe house or room where the quilt can be placed for use.

We recognise that many of the safe places where our quilts would be most valuable are places kept secret for the safety of those in need, so we rely on you making contact with us.

We understand the need for confidentiality, and make the quilts away from any safe house location. We also never keep or disclose confidential information about the projects we support.

A quilt gathering

How to make a quilt square

Here is a link to a blog post on how to make a square for the project

How to make a Square

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