Dolls for sale

If you want a doll, now is the time to get one. I don’t make them often, so having this number of dolls in the shop at one time is a one off. Oh and did I say I’m selling the older dolls for a very low price of £20 each? Yep, thats insane, but the dolls need homes, I can’t keep them all.

Jobs for the girls

There’s a popular series of Barbie dolls called ‘I want to be…’, all based on careers for girls to aspire to be. It where the astronaut and teacher Barbie dolls fit. I was thinking about these Barbie dolls some time ago and wondering whether the idea of a career doll is useful to a child’sContinue reading “Jobs for the girls”

The Elevator Pitch – EPY week 3

An elevator pitch is a short description of what your business is about, supposedly short enough to say in the time a lift goes to the next floor

Bang Bang

When I made the cowboy outfit for MLCD (My little crochet doll) I pondered whether it was right. Should I be making dolls that typically carry guns? I live in the UK, where Cowboys/Cowgirls are in short supply, but I’m pretty sure there is more to being a cow-person than shooting things. Feeding cows, herdingContinue reading “Bang Bang”

When I grow up…

D’you remember when you were a kid, being asked what you wanted to be when you were older? I wanted to be a Salvation Army officer. Failing that, any job that paid me to travel the world. I didn’t get to do my first choice and although I’m writing this on the night coach toContinue reading “When I grow up…”

The Joy of invention

This morning I decided I’d go to the cinema to watch the new Star Wars film, but when I was looking for film times I found something rather interesting. A film called Joy. Now you might not find that interesting at all, but then again, you might be one of those people with a nameContinue reading “The Joy of invention”

Dolly time Dolls

I keep seeing these adorable little knitted dolls on Ravelry and decided to buy a pattern to try. I bought the Little Belle pattern. The patterns are created by Wendy Phillips who published on Ravelry as Dollytime. I love the sweet, friendly natured faces and colourful outfits. Wendy has patterns in several sizes and I’mContinue reading “Dolly time Dolls”

Huddersfield University Textile Students Final Year Show 2015

Today I was back at Uni for a preview of the fourth year students final work.

My Little Crochet Doll – Mermaid

There are a lot of mermaid dolls out there at the moment, most of which have the tail sewn as part of the body. This pattern has a removable tail, so just like the little mermaid, you can remove it when your doll wants to have legs. It’s made from Sirdar’s Giselle yarn. Normally IContinue reading “My Little Crochet Doll – Mermaid”

My Little Crochet Doll – Sunday Best

“Where have you been?” I hear you ask… Well, been busy, volunteering like mad – gonna have to give some of that up I think. Working hard and crocheting. But here I am with exciting news, a new pattern for the little crochet doll. The Photo just doesn’t do the outfit justice. I normally makeContinue reading “My Little Crochet Doll – Sunday Best”

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