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Designer Makers I like

Here’s a list of designer makers I like. They might not be big names, or money making wonders and might never be exhibitors but I like them.

For me a designer maker is someone who makes things to sell and not a huge scale exhibitor, I like the idea of small time local designer makers.

Crochet Designer Makers

Denizmum – aka Ulku Akcam

Image: Akcam, U. . , Etsy:

I like her style of cute crochet and has an ability to create animals and people in great detail.

Irene Strange

Image: Strange, I. (2010). Ladybird Purse. ,—-amigurumi-coin-purse.

Irene Strange was one of the first amigurumi crocheters I fell in love with. As with many designers I found several patterns I liked and realised they were from the same person.

Irene’s style is recognised for her use of colour and kitch style animals. Her ladybird pattern was one of the first patterns I bought, easy to understand and includes little details like lining and the tiny ladybird on the zip.

Felt Designer Makers

Ginger Melon

GingerMelon, . . , Etsy:

I love her felt patterns and dolls that you can dress.

Polymer Clay Designer Makers

Odd Fae – Dawn M Schiller –

Image: Schiller, D.M. (2015). . , Etsy:

Christi Friesen –

Image: Friesen, C. (2015). . , Website:

Clay Designer Makers

Kevin Hickson –

Image: Hickson, K. (2015). . , Facebook:

Beth Smith  –

Image: Smith, B. (2015). . , Facebook:

And finally…

Betty Virago

Images: All my own work

I can’t really make a list of designer makers without adding myself, can I?

I always describe myself as a yarn spinner, but what fills my time is making dolls. So maybe I should start calling myself a doll maker, or maybe I should stop trying to label everything and just say I like making things.

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Makey Make – Polymer Clay Notebook

I know!

I’m thinking the same thing.

Another post in such a short time!

This is the third video and I think I’ll have a break for a short while before I make another one.

This time it’s to make a fabulous Notebook necklace from polymer clay.

It only uses white clay, but has a few tools. If you make jewellery you should have most of the tools needed. You’ll also need a necklace chain if you want to turn it into a necklace. You could even turn it into a ring.

Hope you like it.


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Makey Make – Fried egg & bacon

Ah, this is much better.

Making videos is so much quicker than taking photos of every step.

This is a tutorial on another one of my favourites Egg & bacon.

It’s a quick and easy make with a good outcome which people will love.

Hope you enjoy it (excuse the rambling about the dentist)

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Makey Make – Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza

I made a tutorial with polymer clay a long time ago and some of you asked for more.

Well, thanks to a very welcome grant I can now make videos.

My first, hopefully of many…

Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza.

It doesn’t need a lot of tools, mostly made by hand, so perfect for those of you new to polymer clay.

Tools needed:

Needle tool or sewing needle

Cutting blade

Cotton bud

3 in 1 pliers or wire cutter, round nose pliers

Bit of scrap paper


Clay Colours Used: (all Sculpey Premo!)

Cadmium Red

Cadmium Yellow



Raw Sienna

Spanish Olive


Other items:

Faber & Castell soft pastel number 182

Anyway, let me know what you think, follow me on YouTube and keep checking back for more posts.




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The Story of the Roundhay Park Fairies

I live next door to Middleton park and often think how great it would be to leave clay fairies around for people. But I always think of a reason not to go out.

until now…

last Thursday I took some of my latest creations to Roundhay Park for a little photo shoot.

I’m a wee bit nervous about getting the camera out in public so went off-track to a quiet spot. I found a little tree stump and snapped what I wanted, then packed everything away.

Then I noticed this little girl. She’d seen me with my camera and had come over to see what I was taking photos of. By the time she arrived there was nothing but a tree stump.

Her gran followed behind her and then an even smaller little boy. I just couldn’t resist.

I told them about the fairies that live in the woods, how you have to be quiet and look carefully for them and then said I’d caught some and would share them. They each got a little fairy or gnome. Their little faces were a picture and it made my day after a disastrous let down the day before.

It was so nice, not scaring kids for once (I hope).

Anyway, I’ll share some of the photos with you.

Witch in the woodsJust having a restABout to get a new home!!!