Sindy’s casual wardrobe

A review of the Marriner 1987 Sindy
doll knitting pattern.

The role of the Commercial Designer

We have been looking at the role of the commercial designer for the past six weeks. A commercial designer is hired to design new ideas for a customer, but much more than that.  Textile design covers a wide range of areas with clothing being just a part of the industry. Everything from seating and carpetsContinue reading “The role of the Commercial Designer”

Sustainable textiles and me

I’ve been asked to answer whether I agree or disagree on a few sustainability statements… …here goes… 1. Our society values economic gain over the environment Agree Although, I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that we have no other home. I think many larger companies, the so called fat cats, areContinue reading “Sustainable textiles and me”

Three Artists – In a 3D world

Johan Carpner originally trained and worked as a graphic designer before the birth of his son helped guide him towards his current style. He describes his inspiration as “wilderness in nature”, the tangle of plants growing and the eventual beauty that grows from the tangled mess – Bringing order into chaos. His lamps createContinue reading “Three Artists – In a 3D world”

Three Artists – Keeping out the rubbish!

Three textile artists who are pioneers in sustainable materials are: Emily crane, Helen Storey and Reiko Sudo Emily Crane takes a ‘zero resources’ approach to fashion looking towards a future that is both sustainable yet has a quick turnover. She developed her material through a love of food technology and set up a laboratory inContinue reading “Three Artists – Keeping out the rubbish!”

Book Review – Overdressed

Just finished a book that I found in the library. Overdressed – The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion by Elizabeth L. Cline It’s about the fashion industry in America, but much of it applies here. She looks at several issues with clothing: 1, cheap, fast fashion – the samey look of the cheap highContinue reading “Book Review – Overdressed”

Uni diary – Monday 13 October 2014

Two Mondays ago I wanted to quit (my first day an’ all), last Monday I declared Monday a no-likey day. Today I am in love. I love the morning workshop, we’re learning to use photoshop, a lot of which I know through teaching myself, but I am enjoying it so much I now have photoshopContinue reading “Uni diary – Monday 13 October 2014”

I am one of the most un-fashion-interested people I know. I have a drawer of jeans and a drawer of t-shirts and a few odd bits on hangers that mum insists on buying me to make me look female. So I am in despair at the moment. I signed up for a craft textile degreeContinue reading “”

Free Pattern, Pepper Pot Doll raincoat

What a busy but great day. The Pepper pot doll pattern is finished and on Etsy. One problem I’ve had is not having a scanner. Every time I draw something I have to take it all the way to Inkwell or a local stationary shop (who seem to charge a lot for the service) butContinue reading “Free Pattern, Pepper Pot Doll raincoat”

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