The shop with no stock

For the past few months I’ve been exploring a different way of selling, print on demand.

Secret Message Kits

Men are strange fellows!
Seriously, if you’re going to pretend to visit my brother and act surprised that I got a rose from a secret admirer, which you happen to find when you arrived…
…Don’t buy the flower from my sister’s florist shop!

The Progress of Plodding on – EPY week 5

I sat down to write my now regular post about the EPY week, for about 30 minutes I’ve sat here thinking, what happened this week? Bank Holiday weekend was awful, as usual, we had constant downpours and the strange hot but rainy weather that often leaves me with a migraine, and what a migraine, byContinue reading “The Progress of Plodding on – EPY week 5”

The creatives office – EPY week 2

I like the idea of finishing everyday with a slide, but then… how many days of sliding would it take before that was no longer special? If the extraordinary became ordinary where would we go next?

Taking the scenic route – EPY week 1

I started off my week telling people that I wanted to have a business making dolls, two days later I knew one thing, I’m not spending the year making dolls.

Free, Fair, Pay your share.

A few months ago this sign was seen in a local cafe window. By a strange coincidence I met the cafe owner a few days later and he told me how the sign came to be. He was looking out of the cafe window one afternoon and saw a man going through the rubbish binsContinue reading “Free, Fair, Pay your share.”

Astronaut Pattern – My Little Crochet Doll

You’ve all been very patient and I hope the wait was worth it (blame all the work at Uni).

Finally the next patten has been finished and is ready to make.

Traditional Crafts and Traditions

I want to start with a story, which I’m sure most of you will know.

Crayon Play 1

We started with a video from Mathery studio… They re-created crayons and turned them into wearable tools for play. So we made our own at University. Here’s the instructions if you want to make your own. This got me thinking. What else could I do with crayons… This got me thinking… What elseContinue reading “Crayon Play 1”

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