Free Little Duck Pattern

I decided to make a little duck for my little dolls and tried out a new yarn I bought,

I did the one thing a creative should never do!

Last week I made the worst mistake an artist/crafter/creative could ever make.

The line between sacred and sinful

Is there a line between tasteful and sinful?

Sharing your lunch

Whether the story is about miracles, or giving what little you have or that we can feed the world if we all share, it’s a story worth telling.​

In His hands

What I always thought was a journey between mum and me has all along included a third person, who is constant, who is on our side and who has a plan for us that far outweighs any idea or dream we could make up for ourselves.

Pepper Pot Wardrobe

Another free pattern to help your isolation.
The wardrobe for the Pepper Pot dolls

Pepper Pot Felt Dolls

To help get you through the isolation I’m making some of my patterns away for free!
Here’s the Pepper Pot doll pattern

Mae Loveday doll kit review

A review of the Mae Loveday doll kit from Cool Crafting

Meet the dolls 4 – The Coal Miner

The final doll – Norman the coal miner

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