Purses and Pence Jugs

My response to the archives has been to make some purses inspired by what I’ve found. The purses from the archives and my own inspirations from them will be on display in a small exhibition in the Quayside building at Huddersfield University starting the 11th April.

When I grow up…

D’you remember when you were a kid, being asked what you wanted to be when you were older? I wanted to be a Salvation Army officer. Failing that, any job that paid me to travel the world. I didn’t get to do my first choice and although I’m writing this on the night coach toContinue reading “When I grow up…”

Thinking the future through the past

A few months ago I listened to a talk by Barbara Burman on her research into long purses, often referred to as miser purses. These purses date from mid 18th to late 19th century, often handmade as gifts to loved ones and although similar in shape were constructed from several techniques. In painter James Collinson’sContinue reading “Thinking the future through the past”

Designer Makers I like

Here’s a list of designer makers I like. They might not be big names, or money making wonders and might never be exhibitors but I like them. For me a designer maker is someone who makes things to sell and not a huge scale exhibitor, I like the idea of small time local designer makers.Continue reading “Designer Makers I like”