Meanwood Valley Urban Farm

Today I was thinking about the Farmer doll so I took a trip to a local farm. Meanwood Valley farm ( is a charity run farm near the centre of Leeds. It’s a short bus ride out and a few minutes walk from the bus stop and it’s only £2 for adults and 50p forContinue reading “Meanwood Valley Urban Farm”

The Final in sight

Who’d have thought I’d get here? After four years I’m near the end of my degree, and I think I’m ready. I’ve one project left to do and ten weeks to get it done. My final project… Dolls. Yep, I started University loving making dolls and tried hard to do something else, but I’ve realisedContinue reading “The Final in sight”

Designer Makers I like

Here’s a list of designer makers I like. They might not be big names, or money making wonders and might never be exhibitors but I like them. For me a designer maker is someone who makes things to sell and not a huge scale exhibitor, I like the idea of small time local designer makers.Continue reading “Designer Makers I like”

Miniature Crochet

Been working on this outfit for a couple of days. It’s a Christening dress made from cotton thread, size 1.75mm hook. It’s not sewn or glued to the doll as most dolls house dolls are, but the dress is removable by undoing the tiny button on the back of the dress and the bonnet isContinue reading “Miniature Crochet”

My Little Crochet Doll – Gorjuss pattern

Well, I promised it for Christmas, almost a week late, but here she is… The Gorjuss doll pattern. She is a FREE pattern, but… You’ll need to buy the My First Crochet Doll pattern to make her. She has underwear (as all dolls should have!), a dress, coat, hat, wristwarmers, socks and boots. You canContinue reading “My Little Crochet Doll – Gorjuss pattern”

Free Pattern, Pepper Pot Doll raincoat

What a busy but great day. The Pepper pot doll pattern is finished and on Etsy. One problem I’ve had is not having a scanner. Every time I draw something I have to take it all the way to Inkwell or a local stationary shop (who seem to charge a lot for the service) butContinue reading “Free Pattern, Pepper Pot Doll raincoat”

Pepperpot Dolls

I am about a week away from finishing the pepperpot doll pattern and am just so excited about it. The pepperpot dolls is inspired by Gingermelon and the girls from my felt sewing class. They’re 6 inches tall (the size of a pepperpot!) and have a variety of styles to make each doll just asContinue reading “Pepperpot Dolls”

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