From Bristol with Love

This week I took the Bristol quilt to the Joanna house, home of our first quilt of hope, where it has pride of place in their quiet room.

The Bristol Quilt

It always amazes me,that something as simple as an embroidered square of cotton can be part of a huge picture of blessings for women (and men) who we may never meet.

How to make a Square

I figured, since most of us are spending hours, days and weeks (maybe even months) stuck at home you might be asking yourself what you can do to pass the time.

The Salvation Army, Human Trafficking quilt

Our latest quilt has been finished and almost ready to go to it’s home.
This quilt has been made for The Salvation Army’s Human Trafficking unit, which works with various agencies to rescue and support people caught in trafficking and slavery in the UK.

O Boundless Salvation Quilt

The Boundless Salvation quilt

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