Updating the doll – EPY week 4

This week has been very productive. I’ve been contacting yarn suppliers and mills, spent a whole weekend dyeing wool, applied for a grant to do some market research and finally am near the point of having a finished product. Well, I say a finished product, but… I want to re-create the idea of the knitted/crochet doll.Continue reading “Updating the doll – EPY week 4”

Knitting and the Planet

A question given at Uni the week was this: How can textile ecology impact on your specialism? My specialism being knit, although I like to believe it’s spinning, How can how I knit or make yarn impact on the planet? All the way home and much of today I’ve been thinking. Is it possible toContinue reading “Knitting and the Planet”

Sustainable textiles and me

I’ve been asked to answer whether I agree or disagree on a few sustainability statements… …here goes… 1. Our society values economic gain over the environment Agree Although, I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that we have no other home. I think many larger companies, the so called fat cats, areContinue reading “Sustainable textiles and me”

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