Pepper Pot Wardrobe

Another free pattern to help your isolation.
The wardrobe for the Pepper Pot dolls

Pepper Pot Felt Dolls

To help get you through the isolation I’m making some of my patterns away for free!
Here’s the Pepper Pot doll pattern

Secret Message Kits

Men are strange fellows!
Seriously, if you’re going to pretend to visit my brother and act surprised that I got a rose from a secret admirer, which you happen to find when you arrived…
…Don’t buy the flower from my sister’s florist shop!

Which Felting Needle do I use?

Here’s a little problem. There are so many felting needles out there, and some come in fine, medium and hard sizes rather than gauge sizes. What does it all mean and which one should I buy? Well, here’s some help. I have sourced as many felting needles as I could find, each different and someContinue reading “Which Felting Needle do I use?”

Magic Fairies

One brilliant subject we’ve been getting into at the Saturday class is needle felting. We started off with pictures but soon worked our way to brilliant needle felted fairies. Normally in our classes we pick something to make and we all make it, but we’ve decided to give another way of working a go. SoContinue reading “Magic Fairies”

Little Terrier Doggie – Free Makey Makes

I’m either mad or developing some great marketing ploy, but something I listed on Etsy I’m giving away on my blog for free. Yep, Free. So, What’s the catch? I wrote this little pattern some time ago and started selling kits so you could make your own little doggie at home. I recently updated theContinue reading “Little Terrier Doggie – Free Makey Makes”

Pepperpot Dolls – Winter Set

Winter is here… Bah Humbug. I don’t like cold or snow and the wind today was awful.  But… the pepperpot girls love wrapping up warm for winter. So here’s a little something to keep your doll warm.   It’s a little crocheted hat scarf and glove pattern, hope you enjoy it. I used a 3.5mmContinue reading “Pepperpot Dolls – Winter Set”

Beetle Felt – Course Review

So, following on from recent disappointments I signed up for a one-day course at Beetle Felt in Manchester. This is actually my third workshop here and I’ve many more planned. It’s a small place, run in the back garden of their home, but in a purpose built room and a lovely garden created for naturalContinue reading “Beetle Felt – Course Review”

Pepperpot Dolls

I am about a week away from finishing the pepperpot doll pattern and am just so excited about it. The pepperpot dolls is inspired by Gingermelon and the girls from my felt sewing class. They’re 6 inches tall (the size of a pepperpot!) and have a variety of styles to make each doll just asContinue reading “Pepperpot Dolls”

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