The Bristol Quilt

It always amazes me,that something as simple as an embroidered square of cotton can be part of a huge picture of blessings for women (and men) who we may never meet.

A Christian Artists Place

A few little things have happened recently that have brought back an old gripe of mine. That old feeling that as a Christian artist, one of the hardest hurdles is finding a sense of belonging in the church.

Knitting and the Planet

A question given at Uni the week was this: How can textile ecology impact on your specialism? My specialism being knit, although I like to believe it’s spinning, How can how I knit or make yarn impact on the planet? All the way home and much of today I’ve been thinking. Is it possible toContinue reading “Knitting and the Planet”

Five Felt Brooches

On Saturday 7th June we’re making Felt Brooches. I’ll try and get some instructions here before Saturday for those who can’t make it. In the meantime, here are Five Brooches that caught my eye on the internet… 1. Punky Mouse by Tiny Art This shop found on Dawanda has some great little brooches with obviouslyContinue reading “Five Felt Brooches”

My Little Crochet Doll – Mermaid

There are a lot of mermaid dolls out there at the moment, most of which have the tail sewn as part of the body. This pattern has a removable tail, so just like the little mermaid, you can remove it when your doll wants to have legs. It’s made from Sirdar’s Giselle yarn. Normally IContinue reading “My Little Crochet Doll – Mermaid”

My shop check up (Has Etsy had it’s day?)

I saw a comment recently that mentioned how little they were selling on Etsy at the moment. They said they had spent over £100 listing things with little sales and wondered if it was worth continuing. I responded with a quick agreement, but then started thinking, my crochet patterns sell ok, but then they’re onContinue reading “My shop check up (Has Etsy had it’s day?)”

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