A doll making history

A few days ago, while day-dreaming, I asked myself, When did my love of doll making start? I have been crocheting for over 6 years, probably making crochet dolls for 5 years, maybe less. But as I thought about it I realised my doll making history goes back a long, long way and it hasContinue reading “A doll making history”

Thinking the future through the past

A few months ago I listened to a talk by Barbara Burman on her research into long purses, often referred to as miser purses. These purses date from mid 18th to late 19th century, often handmade as gifts to loved ones and although similar in shape were constructed from several techniques. In painter James Collinson’sContinue reading “Thinking the future through the past”

Fabric with a hidden history

This afternoon we were looking at embroidered items made by prisoners of war. Items with embroidered names to mark people who were there. Who knew the outcome of a prisoners life, whether they would survive and if it came to it, would anyone know what happened. An embroidered cloth with names on might seem insignificant,Continue reading “Fabric with a hidden history”

The Luddites at Armley Mills

On Saturday I went to the Armley Mills wool festival, Armley mills is now a museum but at one point was the largest woollen in the world. Boring and stuffy with no touch signs? not at all. Although some of the machinery and looms have do not touch signs it’s more for your safety thanContinue reading “The Luddites at Armley Mills”

The life of objects

We were looking at objects and how some objects can have more than a visual attraction but include life stories, memories, hidden value. I started making a list of all the ‘things’ I possess that hold hidden meanings and stories… my first love doll that I searched 20 years for, my £250 Barbie doll boughtContinue reading “The life of objects”

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