Finding your Social mission

I believe if I can create an art space where everyone is accepted then lives can begin to change.

If I can show people who feel worthless, their value, I can begin to turn the tide of lives wasted.

If I can begin to change a few lives, we can change the world.

The old time hostels

Part of a documentary from the 80’s about the Salvation Army. This clip shows one of the hostels I grew up in and my parents managed.

The Poverty of Self Worth

I’ve just come home from one of the most frustrating evenings. I’ve been in London for the launch of the Joseph Rountree Foundation strategy for solving poverty in the UK. An important event which I urge you to search the hashtag #solveukpoverty and find the video of the event. At 4pm we (20 of us)Continue reading “The Poverty of Self Worth”

The Price of a Coffee

There’s a scene in the film Schindler’s list, where freedom is in sight for the Jewish people but Oskar Schindler is having to flee. He looks around at the mass of people he helped keep alive and no one would complain if he then surveyed the survivors and shouted at how great it is thatContinue reading “The Price of a Coffee”

Feminism and The Salvation Army

When I go back to Uni after Easter I begin a new project looking at quilt making. A group of us are going to hand sew a quilt and either give it to a family in poverty or let a charity sell it and use the money to help others in poverty. I’ve been lookingContinue reading “Feminism and The Salvation Army”

Being a Contemporary Practitioner

The last few weeks at Uni we’ve been looking at the role of a Contemporary Practitioner. As far as I can gather this is an artist/crafter who works on commission based projects and community groups. We’ve looked at the work of Lise Bjorne Linnert and her DESCONOCIDA UNKNOWN UKJENT project, trying to raise awareness ofContinue reading “Being a Contemporary Practitioner”

Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.

I try to keep my on line image as a crafting person very organised and positive (apart from the odd moan). Recently though, something happened that I can only say is a bit of a wonder. So, I’ve decided to start some personal blogs about the ‘Me’ behind Betty Virago. Take these posts or leaveContinue reading “Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.”

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