Purses and Pence Jugs

My response to the archives has been to make some purses inspired by what I’ve found. The purses from the archives and my own inspirations from them will be on display in a small exhibition in the Quayside building at Huddersfield University starting the 11th April.

Huddersfield University Textile Students Final Year Show 2015

Today I was back at Uni for a preview of the fourth year students final work.

Crayon Play 1

We started with a video from Mathery studio… http://www.mathery.it/works/#/pastello/ They re-created crayons and turned them into wearable tools for play. So we made our own at University. https://youtu.be/DbdV9ztGQXs Here’s the instructions if you want to make your own. This got me thinking. What else could I do with crayons… This got me thinking… What elseContinue reading “Crayon Play 1”


I am one of the most un-fashion-interested people I know. I have a drawer of jeans and a drawer of t-shirts and a few odd bits on hangers that mum insists on buying me to make me look female. So I am in despair at the moment. I signed up for a craft textile degreeContinue reading “Clothingsupermarket.com”

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

This blog was originally posted on my Uni blog on Tumblr in September, but I’ve decided to re-blog the Uni posts here, on my favourite blog, for my favourite followers. Yep, barley a week in and already a trip. I remember my first school trip, only a wee thing and lining up outside the primaryContinue reading “Yorkshire Sculpture Park”

Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.

I try to keep my on line image as a crafting person very organised and positive (apart from the odd moan). Recently though, something happened that I can only say is a bit of a wonder. So, I’ve decided to start some personal blogs about the ‘Me’ behind Betty Virago. Take these posts or leaveContinue reading “Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.”

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