Inspirational Yarn – Emma


Our second Tone colour is named Emma after Emma Watson.

Most recognisable as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films who had the brains, skills and looks to be the best at what she put her mind (and spells) to.

Emma Watson is in many ways the girl who has everything, the looks, the talent and the brains. Attending prestigious private schools, Landing her first professional acting role as Hermione, getting a professional career and attending universities in both the US and UK, then gaining a successful modeling career with campaigns for companies like Burberry and LancĂ´me.

I think, when most people think about inspirational women we don’t often think of people like Emma. We imagine people who have overcome hardship, who’ve had to fight for their dreams, who didn’t have it all.

‘You have to go out there and make your own mistakes in order to learn.’

Emma Watson – Actress & Activist

Here’s why I chose Emma as one of the seven inspirational women.

Emma could have taken the privilege of her life and bought herself a nice mansion, done her films and modeling and said thank you very much and no one would have complained. Many celebrities do just that and we celebrate them and award them for it.

Emma though has spent much of her time speaking out for women and girls who were not as privileged. She is an active goodwill ambassador and a speaker for gender rights. She speaks on feminism not as a women’s movement, but as a fight for equality that affects men as much as it affects women. Her determination to raise awareness on equality for everyone os why she is an inspiration and named after one of our skin tones.

Being an inspiration isn’t reserved for the overcomers, it’s important to recognise that everyone has the ability to reach out to others.