Yes, women can dance

Another great part of the Leeds wool festival at Armley Mills was the Briggate Morris dancers. I remember having a couple morris dancing lessons at Primary school and loved it, always wanted to be a morris dancer but the dancers I saw growing up all seemed to be men and I’m most certainly not builtContinue reading “Yes, women can dance”

The Luddites at Armley Mills

On Saturday I went to the Armley Mills wool festival, Armley mills is now a museum but at one point was the largest woollen in the world. Boring and stuffy with no touch signs? not at all. Although some of the machinery and looms have do not touch signs it’s more for your safety thanContinue reading “The Luddites at Armley Mills”

Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.

I try to keep my on line image as a crafting person very organised and positive (apart from the odd moan). Recently though, something happened that I can only say is a bit of a wonder. So, I’ve decided to start some personal blogs about the ‘Me’ behind Betty Virago. Take these posts or leaveContinue reading “Never underestimate a Yorkshire lass.”

Fair Trade vs Living Wage

I bumped into someone yesterday who had been looking through my blog and Etsy shop. They wanted one of the Little Crochet dolls but didn’t want to learn to crochet. He asked the question I fear the most, how much? How do I respond? As a doll collector I have no problems paying for theContinue reading “Fair Trade vs Living Wage”

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