Makey Make – Polymer Clay Notebook

I know! I’m thinking the same thing. Another post in such a short time! This is the third video and I think I’ll have a break for a short while before I make another one. This time it’s to make a fabulous Notebook necklace from polymer clay. It only uses white clay, but has aContinue reading “Makey Make – Polymer Clay Notebook”

Makey Make – Fried egg & bacon

Ah, this is much better. Making videos is so much quicker than taking photos of every step. This is a tutorial on another one of my favourites Egg & bacon. It’s a quick and easy make with a good outcome which people will love. Hope you enjoy it (excuse the rambling about the dentist)

Makey Make – Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza

I made a tutorial with polymer clay a long time ago and some of you asked for more. Well, thanks to a very welcome grant I can now make videos. My first, hopefully of many… Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza. It doesn’t need a lot of tools, mostly made by hand, so perfect for those ofContinue reading “Makey Make – Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza”