Rabby – Character Design

I’ve recently started drawing some characters that I hope to turn into childrens birthday cards. Each animal character is an animal found in the English countryside.

Dolls of Worth

I’ve an idea I’ve been thinking about and playing with for some time, which I think can become something useful.
My biggest problem though is how to explain what’s in my mind… but here goes.

Dolls for sale

If you want a doll, now is the time to get one. I don’t make them often, so having this number of dolls in the shop at one time is a one off. Oh and did I say I’m selling the older dolls for a very low price of £20 each? Yep, thats insane, but the dolls need homes, I can’t keep them all.

Introducing Mini Me

My new dolls are made with the same attention to detail and love as the My Little Crochet Doll, but smaller…
…a lot smaller!

Pepper Pot Wardrobe

Another free pattern to help your isolation.
The wardrobe for the Pepper Pot dolls

Pepper Pot Felt Dolls

To help get you through the isolation I’m making some of my patterns away for free!
Here’s the Pepper Pot doll pattern

Mae Loveday doll kit review

A review of the Mae Loveday doll kit from Cool Crafting

Meet the Dolls 2 – The Clog Maker

My little clog maker doll has even managed his own mini clogs.

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