Makey Make – Polymer Clay Notebook

I know! I’m thinking the same thing. Another post in such a short time! This is the third video and I think I’ll have a break for a short while before I make another one. This time it’s to make a fabulous Notebook necklace from polymer clay. It only uses white clay, but has aContinue reading “Makey Make – Polymer Clay Notebook”

Makey Make – Fried egg & bacon

Ah, this is much better. Making videos is so much quicker than taking photos of every step. This is a tutorial on another one of my favourites Egg & bacon. It’s a quick and easy make with a good outcome which people will love. Hope you enjoy it (excuse the rambling about the dentist)

Makey Make – Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza

I made a tutorial with polymer clay a long time ago and some of you asked for more. Well, thanks to a very welcome grant I can now make videos. My first, hopefully of many… Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza. It doesn’t need a lot of tools, mostly made by hand, so perfect for those ofContinue reading “Makey Make – Polymer Clay Pepperoni Pizza”

Say What? Badges

I finally got my stuff together enough to start the blog… Hurrah!!! So here’s the first of hopefully many free makes. Say What badges. Really the most important things you need are the polymer clay, brooch pins, pen and oven (and something to put them on in the oven) Next you cut them into shape,Continue reading “Say What? Badges”

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