The Poverty of Self Worth

I’ve just come home from one of the most frustrating evenings. I’ve been in London for the launch of the Joseph Rountree Foundation strategy for solving poverty in the UK. An important event which I urge you to search the hashtag #solveukpoverty and find the video of the event. At 4pm we (20 of us)Continue reading “The Poverty of Self Worth”

Be the Angel (and other tips)

Wow! That last post of mine sure got a lot of views. Thanks everyone. I put a link at the bottom of the page in case you didn’t see it. I read a Twitter post from @blackbuttongirl who asked me what can be done? And I got thinking. I’m excellent at saying what’s wrong, butContinue reading “Be the Angel (and other tips)”

Communicating Poverty

This is a post I have written for the Leeds Poverty Truth commission, which I post here for others to read and ponder.  Over the past seven years I’ve gone from being hospitalised every couple months to getting a place at University. I didn’t do it alone and although it was hard work it alsoContinue reading “Communicating Poverty”

Of the Cloth – A conversation with an Adherent

My definition: Adherent – a member of the Salvation Army who doesn’t wear a uniform Soldier – a member of the Salvation Army who wears a uniform What the Salvation Army website says: ‘While you do not have to be a member of The Salvation Army to attend worship meetings, or to receive practical helpContinue reading “Of the Cloth – A conversation with an Adherent”

Artwork is Work

This morning I received an email Hello Joy,  This morning during Social Services prayers I took the opportunity to ask my colleagues to judge the entries in the logo competition.  I am delighted to be able to let you know that one of your designs has been chosen and will be the logo for theContinue reading “Artwork is Work”

The Price of a Coffee

There’s a scene in the film Schindler’s list, where freedom is in sight for the Jewish people but Oskar Schindler is having to flee. He looks around at the mass of people he helped keep alive and no one would complain if he then surveyed the survivors and shouted at how great it is thatContinue reading “The Price of a Coffee”