Thinking the Future – Modern Purses

Here’s a list of Ultra Modern Purses and Wallets The Elephant Wallet 2. The Ezgo slim wallet – So light it floats in water 3. The Wallet and Water Bottle 4. The Wrist Purse – Luxury Edition 5. The Tru Virtu wallet – keeps your cards from scammers Top 50  

Thinking the Future – Purses you can make yourself

Here is a list of modern purses I like: The Starbucks Wallet Why spend money on a place to put your money? 2. The Minimalist Wallet 3. The One piece of leather and Elastic band wallet 4. The “I’m from the 80s” Wallet 5. The Duct Tape Wallet (I’ve made a fewContinue reading “Thinking the Future – Purses you can make yourself”

Thinking the future through the past

A few months ago I listened to a talk by Barbara Burman on her research into long purses, often referred to as miser purses. These purses date from mid 18th to late 19th century, often handmade as gifts to loved ones and although similar in shape were constructed from several techniques. In painter James Collinson’sContinue reading “Thinking the future through the past”

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