An annotated bibliography

A short list of resources on ecology in textiles. 1. Over-Dressed, The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion Cline, E.L. (2013). Over-Dressed (2nd ed.). New York: Penguin. This is a great book as a first look into the fashion industry and the true cost of clothing manufacture. It breifly touches on alternatives, but is mostlyContinue reading “An annotated bibliography”

Knitting and the Planet

A question given at Uni the week was this: How can textile ecology impact on your specialism? My specialism being knit, although I like to believe it’s spinning, How can how I knit or make yarn impact on the planet? All the way home and much of today I’ve been thinking. Is it possible toContinue reading “Knitting and the Planet”

The Luddites at Armley Mills

On Saturday I went to the Armley Mills wool festival, Armley mills is now a museum but at one point was the largest woollen in the world. Boring and stuffy with no touch signs? not at all. Although some of the machinery and looms have do not touch signs it’s more for your safety thanContinue reading “The Luddites at Armley Mills”

Beetle Felt – Course Review

So, following on from recent disappointments I signed up for a one-day course at Beetle Felt in Manchester. This is actually my third workshop here and I’ve many more planned. It’s a small place, run in the back garden of their home, but in a purpose built room and a lovely garden created for naturalContinue reading “Beetle Felt – Course Review”