Cycle Indicator Gloves

These gloves are normal cycling gloves, but they have electronics sewn into them which add a blinking Indicator light to the gloves.
Using a kit from #kitronik here’s how to make them.

Astronaut Doll tutorial

knowing how to make a doll and sharing a connection with your child’s imaginative world through doll making is such a wonderful thing to do.

Friday 20th April 2018

Finally in Scarborough taking photos of the fisherman doll.

A Bible study flag!

Turning sketches into flags

The Elevator Pitch – EPY week 3

An elevator pitch is a short description of what your business is about, supposedly short enough to say in the time a lift goes to the next floor

Of the Cloth – My Uniform and Me

I seem to be heading into a series of posts called “of the cloth”. The idea of textiles in spirituality is interesting to me both as a textile student and a member of the Salvation Army.  I feel I have a love/hate relationship with my church, but one that is certain, I don’t like theContinue reading “Of the Cloth – My Uniform and Me”

Of the Cloth – A conversation with an Adherent

My definition: Adherent – a member of the Salvation Army who doesn’t wear a uniform Soldier – a member of the Salvation Army who wears a uniform What the Salvation Army website says: ‘While you do not have to be a member of The Salvation Army to attend worship meetings, or to receive practical helpContinue reading “Of the Cloth – A conversation with an Adherent”

Of the Cloth – A meeting with the Reverend

My first impressions, when I think about the Anglican Church and cloth is one of extravagance.  I imagine gold worked embroidered headwear, lavishly designed altar cloths and endless men in long dresses. I realise, I know little about the Anglican Church. So with my perceived image of the church I went to visit the RevdContinue reading “Of the Cloth – A meeting with the Reverend”

An annotated bibliography

A short list of resources on ecology in textiles. 1. Over-Dressed, The shockingly high cost of cheap fashion Cline, E.L. (2013). Over-Dressed (2nd ed.). New York: Penguin. This is a great book as a first look into the fashion industry and the true cost of clothing manufacture. It breifly touches on alternatives, but is mostlyContinue reading “An annotated bibliography”

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