Meet the Dolls 2 – The Clog Maker

My little clog maker doll has even managed his own mini clogs.

Meet the dolls 1 – The Fisherman

William the Fisherman doll

Traditions and Copyright

Imagine if you will, a celebrity comes on TV. Not your worldwide, big movie celebrity, more TV hospital show celebrity. They come on TV, not wearing the traditional TV doctor suit, but wearing a very nice Aran knit sweater. People like the show, like the celebrity doctor, like the aran sweater… they want one, justContinue reading “Traditions and Copyright”

Yes, women can dance

Another great part of the Leeds wool festival at Armley Mills was the Briggate Morris dancers. I remember having a couple morris dancing lessons at Primary school and loved it, always wanted to be a morris dancer but the dancers I saw growing up all seemed to be men and I’m most certainly not builtContinue reading “Yes, women can dance”

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